Bullock Custom 1911 Packages – These packages are available on the following current production customer supplied Gov’t or Commander Colt 1911 pistols – XSE, 1991, Series 70, Rail Gun, or M45A1 models (other base model pistols like Springfield, Les Baer, Ed Brown, etc may be used on a case by case basis). *Prices may be subject to change and may be slightly altered to accommodate work needed on different base pistols.

(1) BC Reliability Package – to ensure your Colt pistol works all of the time.

  • Radius, tension and polish stock Colt extractor (if extractor needs replacement – add $45)
  • Check firing pin stop for proper function and replace as needed (with small cam radius)
  • Check plunger tube – restake or replace as necessary
  • Check ejector – refit or replace as needed
  • Polish breech face and feed ramp
  • Throat and polish Colt barrel, check headspace
  • Check and re-install grip bushings as necessary
  • 17 lb Wolff recoil spring & 23 lb mainspring (18 or 20 lb recoil spring for commander models)
  • Heavy duty firing pin spring
  • Check barrel fit & timing
  • If needed, re-machine feed ramp to .400″ depth (on .45 ACP pistols) – add $60 plus $25 to re-fit barrel throat to feed ramp
  • “Bow tie” relief cut on barrel vertical impact surface of frame (on frames without cut) – add $45
  • Lower & flare ejection port – add $85
  • Total price $250

(2) BC Level I Carry Package – This package is intended to improve upon your Colt pistol and give you a no frills, hard use reliable pistol with a long service life.

  • BC Reliability package (see above)
  • Mild dehorn of pistol
  • Bar stock thumb safety custom contoured and fit to the frame
  • Tune existing Colt extractor – radius, tension and polish
  • Plain black Heinie rear sight modified with “ledge” and refinished (if slide does not have Novak dovetail cuts, add $150 for machine work)
  • Plain black serrated Novak front sight, tritium night sight or fiber optic installed (gold bead additional cost)
  • EGW match barrel bushing fit “hand tight”
  • Rework and contour existing beavertail grip safety (if pistol has standard GI grip safety and beavertail grip safety is desired – add $295 to furnish and fit EGW grip safety)
  • Trigger work – rework Colt hammer hooks and mate to new hard sear for long life (if hammer, disconnector or trigger needs replacement add cost of those parts) – 4 – 4.25 lb pull
  • Check grip bushings and replace if necessary
  • Hand bevel magwell
  • Cerakote finish (choice of black, tungsten grey, burnt bronze, flat dark earth or BC charcoal – other colors may be done on request)
  • Total price $1300

(3) BC Level II Carry Package – This package is my idea of how a custom, hard use carry 1911 should be built. It incorporates some of the finest hand fit components, machine work and attention to detail on your Colt pistol. It results in an outstanding reliable weapon system that can be used for extended periods. Most of the custom pistols on my website show pistols with this package. Many hours of hand craftsmanship go into this package.

  • BC reliability package (see above)
  • complete dehorn / bevel of pistol, blend rear or slide / frame, remove external tooling marks, extra attention to detail
  • Bar stock grip safety seamlessly fit to the frame
  • Complete trigger job – hard sear mated to .021” depth surface ground Colt hammer hooks, custom contoured aluminum trigger, Colt disconnector – 4 – 4.25  lbs crisp
  • Tune Colt extractor and furnish and fit spare bar stock extractor –  tuned and polished
  • Furnish, fit and tune bar stock ejector
  • Bar stock firing pin stop with small cam radius
  • Plunger tube replaced as necessary or re-staked and bonded to frame
  • Fixed Heinie rear sight modified with “ledge” and refinished
  • Novak front sight roll pin hole drilled and pinned in place – serrated black, tritium night sight, (gold bead – add $50)
  • Throat Colt barrel and check head space
  • EGW angle bored bushing fit hand tight
  • Colt slide stop flattened and frame chamfered at 45 degrees
  • 11 degree crown and polish muzzle on existing Colt barrel
  • High cut under trigger guard on precision CNC machine then finished by hand
  • Front & back strap golf balled (MARs or Rogers style), scalloped, serrated, or snakeskin
  • One piece magwell – pin hole drilled to specific frame for seamless no-gap fit, hand blended and sides beveled (integral lanyard attachment – add $50)
  • Single sided EGW or Wilson machined thumb safety custom contoured and fit to frame (ambi Wilson or EGW thumb safety add $75)
  • Furnish and fit slightly extended mag catch – re-profiled, angled and hand checkered 40 lpi
  • VZ or similar G10 composite grips fit and texture adjusted per customer spec
  • Slotted grip screws secured with O’rings
  • Furnish and install new grip bushings as needed
  • 45 degree bottom of slide bevel
  • Test fire (75 rounds or more – 230 gr ball)
  • Cerakote finish – black, tungsten grey, BC charcoal, FDE, burnt bronze (other colors may be available on request)
  • Total price $3150 (price includes over night shipping and insurance)
  • Other suggested options on the Level II Package
    • Ball cuts on slide – $125
    • Flat top slide – $95
    • French border on slide – $125

*Other options available on request. Contact me for more info or see my 1911 Services page for more options and pricing.



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